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Welcome to Roofer’s Rates – We explain how much roofing jobs should cost so you don’t get overcharged by unscrupulous traders. How much does it cost to clean a roof and also treat the tiles with a coloured coating?

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Also, how much does it typically cost to have the roof moss removed by hand with a brush or other instrument?

Quote 1 – Pressure Wash Roof

The cost to pressure clean a roof to a semi detached house (front and back roofs) will take just under one day to complete. The price below also includes replacing a few broken tiles and spraying the roof with a moss killer.

Your contractor should cover any patios and flowerbeds with a tarpaulin before the work commences and also replace any broken tiles.

Cost to Clean a Typical Roof - £450

Quote 2 – Wash Roof and Apply Two Layers of Coloured Coating

To pressure clean the roof on a semi-detached property and then apply two coats of coloured coating the work will take longer and is more dependent on weather conditions. Paint won’t adhere to the tiles properly if they are still wet from the cleaning process or recent rainfall. Cold weather can also slow down the drying process.

The roof will be cleaned and then treated with a moss killing surface biocide on the first day. The roofers will then come back on a second dry day to apply the first coat which will take a few hours. On day 3 they will apply the second and final coat.

Cost to Clean and Coat a Typical Roof - £900

Quote 3 – Manually Remove Roof Moss From Tiles

If you don’t want the tiles cleaned or coated but want the moss removed then you can instruct a roofing company to manually scrape/brush off the moss. They can then apply a moss killer treatment afterwards to stop the moss from growing back for a few years.

You should not apply roof coatings to roofs that have been demossed manually. It’s important that that algae, dirt and pollution are removed from the tiles before that are coated, otherwise the paint won’t adhere correctly.

Expect to pay this to remove roof moss by hand. This work is fractionally more expensive than pressure washing the tiles as it’s more labour intensive and takes  a little longer.

Manually Remove Roof Moss and Treat - £500

Price Variations

The roof cleaning cost examples above are for a property in the south east of the United Kingdom. If your property is located in London then expect to up to 20% more.

The further away from London you live, the cheaper it will cost. Expect to pay 20-25% less if you live in the north east or north west.

We assume that access to the roof can be achieved with ease. If there are access issues then scaffold may need to be erected and that will cost extra.

Find out how much it typically costs to scaffold a house here.

Can All Tiles be Cleaned/Coated?

All concrete tiles can be cleaned and/or coated.

Clay tiles are very fragile and foot traffic on the roof should be avoided.

Roof slates should not be walked on or painted/coated. They are fragile and the paint won’t adhere correctly.

Asbestos roofing materials can be coated/painted, this helps to seal in any harmful dust and is a realistic and cost-effective alternative to asbestos removal.

This page contains a ton of information about asbestos removal and your options.

How the Work is Completed

As roofers, we often remove roof moss as well as completing other jobs.

Here is a list of everything you can expect from your roofing company when you instruct them to clean and coat your roof:

  • Initial site visit, measure up and written quote supplied to customer.
  • Site survey and health and safety check by roofing contractor.
  • Patio, driveway and flower beds covered with tarpaulin.
  • Roof gutters disconnected from rainwater downpipe.
  • Roof checked and any broken tiles replaced.
  • Loose cement removed and repointed with a 3-1 sand/cement mix
  • Roof power washed, starting from the top of the roof.
  • Moss killing treatment applied to tiles and allowed to soak into concrete.
  • Apply two layers of coloured coating with appropriate drying time between each coat.
  • Reconnect gutters, clean them along with roofline boards and windows.

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