How Much Does it Cost to Replace Broken Roof Tiles?

Welcome to Roofer’s Rates!  We shed a light on the charges made by roofing companies in the United Kingdom so you know what to expect when gathering quotes for roof repair work. How much does it typically cost to replace broken roof tiles? How much do the tiles themselves cost and what are the labour charges?

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The prices on this page refer to a small number of roof tiles that need replacing, perhaps due to wear and tear or a tree branch falling onto the roof.

Example 1 – Concrete Tiles

Redland 49 concrete roof tile

Redland 49 Tile – A Common Interlocking Concrete Tile

You can expect to pay around £375.00 for a roofing company to visually check every tile on the roof and replace 20 interlocking concrete tiles on your roof. Additional tiles will cost between £2-4 each.

We assume that there is ease of access up to the roof and the company will use their own access equipment (tower access and ridge ladders).

The cost of the materials is low, usually less than £1 per tile from a roofers merchants.

Example 2 – Clay Plain Tiles

Clay tiles on roof

Clay Roof Tiles – More Fragile but Also More Expensive

These tiles are smaller in size and are more fragile than interlocking concrete tiles. Because these tiles are made from clay gaining access to the roof without breaking more of them is often difficult

The cost of the materials is variable, clay tiles can be made by machines and cost 70p each or they could be hand-pressed tiles that cost 15 times as much.

Expect to pay around £425.00 for a roof check and 20 new tiles, this includes your chosen company erecting their own access equipment.

Example 3 – Tiles on a Town House

If your house has an unusually high roof or it’s difficult to access (such as above a conservatory) then a scaffolding company may need to brought in. They may only need to erect a scaffold to part of the roof, perhaps even only side but this will add extra cost.

You can see a separate cost for scaffolding here.

Assuming scaffold is required, you can expect to pay around £900.00 for a company to check over your entire roof and replace up to 20 tiles with additional tiles costing £2-4 each.

If the Tiles are so Cheap Why is the Labour Cost so High?

While small businesses such as one-man type traders can charge a lower fee to cover just the labour, a large company has to cover many other costs, including advertising, multiple vehicles, training, sales staff, office staff etc.

Factors That Affect The Price

If your roofer decides to break all the health and safety rules and simply walk onto the roof without any edge protection such as scaffolding then the work may only take an hour, so it will cost less.

If you live in a bungalow then the work will cost less because access up to the roof is so much easier.

If the tiles are cemented in place then the cement under the tile will need to be replaced so this will add extra time to the job and bump up the price.

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