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Welcome to our website here at Roofer’s Rates. We are experienced roofing contractors who wish to share our knowledge about roof repair costs and charges. How much does it typically cost to replace roof gutters with a new Upvc system? How much do the materials cost and how much are the labour fees?

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Example Price – Cost For Guttering to Semi Detached House, Porch and Garage

Plastic Guttering Being Installed
The following is a price example for replacement Upvc guttering and rainwater downpipes to a typical semi detached property, including to a small porch and a single garage. In total 22 metres of guttering and 4 rainwater downpipes.

Here is a works schedule and price, compare it to any written quotes you receive from roofing companies:

  • Erect access equipment to desired work height.
  • Remove existing guttering, brackets and rainwater downpipes.
  • Water test underground pipework and advise customer of any blockages.
  • Supply and install Upvc guttering ensuring all rainwater flows freely to outlets.
  • Gutter support brackets to be spaced no more than 800mm apart (prevents gutter sag).
  • Supply and install rainwater downpipes, connecting into existing drains/pipework at ground level.
  • Lower access equipment and remove all waste material leaving the site clean and tidy.

New Guttering Supply & Install Cost - £600

How Much Does the New Guttering Cost? And the Labour?

The guttering parts/materials are surprisingly cheap and cost around £165.00 inc VAT from a trade supplier. The remaining £435.00 is what your chosen guttering company will charge for labour, waste disposal and to cover costs (van, fuel, office, advertising etc).

Obviously if you choose a small guttering business, such as a one-man type roofing contractor then the quote will be cheaper.

Guttering Supply Only - £165inc VAT

Although guttering suppliers are often described as “trade suppliers” anyone can purchase from them. We recommend the following suppliers, they offer free or cheap delivery too:

Omnico Plastics (now part of SIG Roofline)

Eurocell Plastics

Specification of Guttering

The guttering cost above is for standard sized guttering – Semi-Circular or Squareline in white, black or brown.

If you want to fit a larger higher capacity gutter system or you want a gutter with an unusual profile (such as Ogee) then this will cost more. The labour fees will be the same though.

Grey coloured gutters were once very popular but are now rarely installed.

How Long Will the Work Take?

Two guttering installers can complete the job on a typical semi-detached house in just under one day. We assume they will be using their own access equipment and not hiring scaffold.

(See here for our scaffold price guide)

If there is extra work that needs doing this could add some time to the project. If the existing fascia boards are timber, then these may need “touch up” painting done just to make good any areas that were behind the old guttering.

If the rainwater soakaway is blocked, this will need to be cleared out, perhaps by an external jetting company.

Tips and Advice

  1. The new guttering may not be fitted in exactly the same location as the old gutters. The old support brackets may have marked, damaged or discoloured any timber fascias and screw holes that might need filling and painting. This won’t be included in the cost of the new guttering system. It may be best to paint the old wooden fascias after the old guttering has been removed.
  2. Always make sure the guttering is fitted so all water flows towards the outlet. The outlet must always be the lowest point in the gutter system.
  3. While some roofing contractors install the support brackets at 1000mm (1 metre) intervals, it’s in our opinion that 800mm spacing would be more appropriate as this prevents the guttering from sagging.

How to Install Guttering

Here is a video tutorial explaining how to install Upvc guttering correctly. It isn’t the only acceptable way to secure this type of guttering to the roofline but is a common approach and it works.

External Websites

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