Gutter Cleaning and Unblocking Cost

Welcome to Roofer’s Rates and our guide to roof gutter cleaning and unblocking costs in the United Kingdom. This page is part of our series on roof costs charged my traders and companies.

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Cleaners Vs Roofers

Cleaning any part of the roof is a project that can be completed by either a competent roofer or a specialist cleaning company.

Roofing businesses will generally charge more as their employees usually earn substantially more than cleaners.

Below is a realistic price guide to unblock/clear-out 16 metres of guttering and to clean the exterior of the gutters as well.

The property in question has good access all round, no special access equipment is required.

Gutter Cleaning Cost = £80+vat. Additional £25+vat to clean exterior of gutters

Don’t forget that the price above includes cleaning the exterior of the gutters as well. This isn’t always required but it’s often worth doing this extra work while the company is there.

The price quoted assumes you choose a small local roofing firm. Larger companies may charge more as they have higher overheads.

Gutter cleaning companies may charge slightly less, especially if you only want the gutters cleared out and not cleaned externally. The gutter vacuum is a fast piece of equipment to use and creates very little mess.

VAT – Value Added Tax

VAT is only charged by companies that are registered with HMRC, registration is only mandatory when it has a turnover exceeding the VAT threshold – currently £83000.

So to legally avoid paying any VAT, choose a smaller business that is not required to charge VAT.

How Long Does the Work Take?

For a typical semi-detached property with around 16 metres of guttering to the upper level and a porch, you can expect the work to take around two hours. That includes clearing out the leaves/moss/dirt etc from both the guttering and any rainwater pipes and also to clean the exterior. This is based on two workmen on the project.

Access is the main factor when determining how long it takes to clear out/clean gutters. Conservatories, sheds, narrow alleyways and other obstacles can cause issues with access up to the height of the guttering.

Equipment Required

Specialist gutter cleaning companies usually own a vacuum attached to a long pole, this is used to suck even the most stubborn of blockages from the roof gutters. The pole can be several metres in length so the operator can stay on the ground. This equipment is especially useful for areas with poor access or for health and safety concerns.

Traditional roofing firms will most likely use access equipment to safely reach the gutters. This can be ladders or platforms or a mixture of the two.

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