Average Cost to Replace or Cap Roofline Boards

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What is a reasonable price to pay for new fascia and soffit boards to the roofline of your property? As roofing contractors we often quote for this type of work so we know exactly how much we and our competitors typically charge.

fascia and soffit costs

Bargeboards and Fascias are Essentially the Same Thing

Roofline Fascia and Soffit Boards – A Price Guide

First things first, there are two ways to install these Upvc roofline boards:

  1. Either by capping over the original, also called overboarding.
  2. Full replacement, where the old timber boards are first removed.


This is where the original timber boards are left in place and the new Upvc ones are nailed on top of them, some contractors state that it’s best to fully remove the old boards but you can still overboard if you want to.

This technique is perhaps best suited to roofs where the original timbers are still fairly new and perhaps where the homeowner has a tight budget.

The work is often done from ladders saving the customer money on scaffold costs.

Below is our price estimate for capping boards to a semi detached house with 3 sides, including new rainwater guttering and downpipes.

Capped Roofline Boards and Gutters - £1110+VAT

Replacement Roofline Price

Fully removing and replacing the boards involves a lot more work than capping over them. The first course (row) of roof tiles needs to be removed so the old boards can be pryed off the rafters.

This type of fascia/soffit work is usually done from scaffolding, access towers or other type of platform.

Below is our guide price for replacement fascia and soffit boards which includes rainwater gutters/pipes to a semi-detached house with 3 sides:

Replacement Roofline Boards and Gutters - £1800+VAT

Typical Per Metre Fascia/Soffit Cost

To fully replace the roofline boards and guttering expect the cost to be between £55 and £80 per metre.

This depends on the size of the boards (wide soffits and large fascias cost more) and also the total length around the building.

If your property is a small front and back terraced house, the cost will be closer to £80 per metre. But if your house is a large family detached with 100 metres of roofline, then the cost will be closer to £55 per metre.

Replacement Price Per Metre - £50-80+VAT

Fascia and soffit installation

Should You Replace The Gutters Too?

If the existing gutters are more than 10 years old, then it’s best to replace them with new ones. Don’t forget that you are already paying the labour costs for your contractor to remove and refit the gutters, you may as well pay that bit extra and buy the new guttering

Upvc guttering is fairly cheap and it just doesn’t make sense to re-install old tatty guttering which will ruin the look of your shiny new roofline boards! This isn’t a cost effective use of labour.

To see how much new guttering will cost see this page.

Fascia and Soffit Colours

Our fascia and soffits cost/price guide on this page is for white Upvc roofline products, if you want coloured boards such as Black, Golden Oak or Rosewood/Mahogany then expect to pay between 25% and 40% more than white products.

The coloured boards also have an ingrained pattern on the surface than mimics real wood, hence the term “wood effect Upvc boards”.

Don’t forget that the labour costs for installing these boards is the same, but the cost of the materials is higher:

Coloured Boards Cost 25-40% More Than White Products

Guttering costs the same, regardless of colour although larger. Higher capacity gutters cost more than the traditional Semi-Circular or Squareline.

Installation Times

You can expect a team of two fitters to complete the work on a semi detached house in a couple of days. If you are just having the boards capped then it will take no more than one day.

If there is cement that needs to be replaced, perhaps to a gable end then this will add half a day to the job and also some extra cost.

10 Step Installation Guide

Below is a very brief installation guide for replacement roofline products:

  1. Erect scaffold or access platforms
  2. Remove first course of roofing tiles and set aside
  3. Remove existing timber roofline boards and new guttering
  4. Adjust timber ends (rafter feet) so the new boards will be straight and level
  5. Install new Upvc roofline fascia and soffit boards
  6. Install guttering and rainwater pipes
  7. Install eaves vents (helps prevent loft condensation)
  8. Install new eaves felt trays
  9. Re-lay roof tiles, cement where required
  10. Seal boards with silicone seal and take away access equipment and waste materials

Can I Leave the Soffits in Place?

The main labour costs are actually getting workmen to site and up the scaffold, you won’t be saving much time by leaving the original soffit boards in place. The only saving will be on materials. It’s quite unusual for an installer to leave the original soffits in place.

Tips and Advice on How to Save on Costs

  1. Cap the boards – it’s so much cheaper than replacing them.
  2. Dispose of any waste yourself, commercial waste disposal yards often charge around £100inc VAT for a tonne of mixed waste.
  3. Shop around for quotes, if you between 3-5 quotes you will see a big difference between the prices.
  4. Have the work done during the winter, which is the quietest period in the year for roofing contractors. You are more likely to be successful when negotiation a price during the quiet season.

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