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Roofer's Rates logoWant to know how much you should be paying tradesmen for roof repair and replacement projects in the United Kingdom?

Roofer’s Rates is a consumer information website created by a pair of roofing contractors based in the south east of the United Kingdom.

Our Goals

The roofing industry in the United Kingdom has a terrible reputation for the quality of tradespeople, the prices they charge and a general lack of much need regulation.

The goal of this website is to inform homeowners of the reasonable costs they can expect to pay for various roof repair, maintenance and replacement jobs.

Where possible we explain the cost of materials, labour and explore profit margins.

Our Content

These price guides were created in 2015 and updated in December 2015. The estimates are for average sized roofs and come with hints, tips and advice based on 26 years of experience in the roofing trade.

Prices for building work do vary depending on location. What you see on this site is based on experience in the south east of the UK. If you live outside of this region, then roofing work should be cheaper. If you live closer to London or in Central London itself then the prices you are charged will be much higher.

It is hoped that homeowners can avoid cowboy roofing contractors and those who attempt blatant overcharging whilst getting their project completed by a skilled tradesperson at a fair price.

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We have allowed comments at the base of each article on this website. Anything you post here will be displayed publicly for all to see.

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Read Reviews of Local Tradespeople

Finding a good price for roofing work is one thing but locating trustworthy tradespeople is another.

Here you can find websites that show reviews and ratings of tradespeople based in the United Kingdom.